Monday, January 11, 2010

Week #2 @ I Heart Faces: "Best Face Photo"

This week's challenge is based on fresh, new photos taken in December '09 or January '10. I Heart Faces wants to see fresh, new work and of course, the best faces you have captured.

It didn't take me long to choose the photo I thought was the best. This is my little piglet (of course, he's got the cutest face I know) while he was taking a bath. He had done something that got the reaction "no" to and he made this face at his mommy and daddy because he's ornary. That's what I call this face, "Dallas' ornary smile." It's when he knows he did something wrong but he thinks it's too funny any way or more like taunting us, "with this face, I'll get away with it." *wink*

Good luck to you all and Happy one-day Early Birthday, I Heart Faces!

-Mrs. Nichelson ♥

Day 164.

Not so good quality but that is our little nugget! We got to see him/her for the first time today. I am 10 weeks and 2 days today and we are due August 7th! We're excited! (And relieved there's only one!) :D

I showed Dallas the photo and told him that this was his little brother or sister and he clapped and smiled really big! <3
-Mrs. Nichelson ♥

Day 163.

January 10, 2010.

Happy 15th Birthday to my littlest brother, Jeremy!

-Mrs. Nichelson ♥

Day 162.

January 9, 2010.

As you may have already guessed, we're big Cowboy's fans! (Mainly hubby, hence our son's name! Wink, wink!) So every game day, we wear our jersey's and support our team.

If you sing "Go Dallas, Go Dallas, GO!" Dallas will twirl in a circle and snap his fingers (open and close his hand) and clap. It is A-D-ORABLE! :) He needed a drink from dancing so much *wink*

-Mrs. Nichelson ♥

Day 161.

January 8, 2010.

I love me some close up's of that gorgeous baby face and beautiful blue eyes!

Day 160.

January 7, 2010.

Watching the snow fall, he just kept giggling and laughing. It was so cute.

Day 159.

January 6, 2010.

My hard working man.

The best father too.

I really don't know what I would do if it weren't for Kevin, he's always there for me and he takes care of me. He also takes great care of our son. He's the BEST husband any girl could have and the BEST father any child could have. I'm a lucky girl and I know it everytime I look at my hard working man. <3

-Mrs. Nichelson ♥

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 158.

I ventured out in to our back yard today while Dallas napped. It was SO beautiful outside, I LOVE the snow. And, must I say it was very peaceful as well. No cars, no interruption. It really was gorgeous.

This is one of my favorite photos of myself now. It made me see myself in a different way, in a way I have never noticed before. As you may know, I survived a house explosion in '06 and my face was injured with second degree burns, my arms, hands, feet and legs with third degree burns and my back was fourth degree burn. I see my scars every where else on my body, every day, but this photo really shows the scars on my face, that I really seem to have looked past. I call my body it's own little masterpiece. When I look at my scars, I don't feel pain or regret, for I had no control over them but I do feel grateful, lucky and you may be surprised but I feel beautiful. My scars show what I survived and I must say, I am very proud of that. I'd rather have these scars than not be here to enjoy the littlest things in life such as the snow. Or the major things as well such as my own little family <3

As I ventured out, I ran up front and wrote this on the stairs for Kevin to come home to ^_^
Aren't I sweet?

He sent me a cell phone picture of blocks that spelled out "I LOVE U" later on.
Isn't he sweet too? :D

-Mrs. Nichelson ♥

Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 157.

Piglet's favorite food? MMM, spaghetti :)

"I Heart Faces" theme week #1

It is an "i ♥ faces" logo theme over at I Heart Faces this week. The grand prize is a FREE Tamron lens! I'm sure every contestant is as excited as I am when it comes to sharing the photos we came up with.

Entry #1: This was the first idea I had come up with except I was going to paint on her cheeks instead of her hands. I am glad I thought of this funny face before I painted on her cheeks. This is my niece, Leah, she is 4 years old and I had to bribe her to pose for me with M&M's (that my mom had) and a dollar (that my little brother, Sterling, gave her). I think it was worth it *wink*

Entry #2: From L to R: 20 year old step-brother, Nick; 14 year old brother, Jeremy; my 14 month old son, Dallas; my 20 year old husband, Kevin; my 16 year old brother, Sterling; my 2 year old nephew, Danny; and my 22 year old brother, Daniel. Let me tell you, they are all used to me taking their photos when they don't want them but all these boys woke up around 8:30 yesterday morning to be painted on and ready to pose for me :) It was very fun.

Entry #3: Funny faces!

Entry #4: Single poses combined in one, I really like this. I let them do whatever pose they wanted :)

Entry #5: Just trying to get a little more creative.
“I am submitting this photo into the I Heart Faces logo photo contest. By entering, I am granting I Heart Faces LLC permission to consider my photo for use in the marketing and promotion of their website.”

*To Amy, Angie and any other judges! Not saying I will win, but if I do or even get featured (one, I'll be ecstatic) but two- I will email you the photos without my logo :)!

Can't wait to go around and see what everyone else got. Good luck!

-Mrs. Nichelson ♥

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 156.

How stinkin' cute!?

Day 155.

January 2, 2010.

Day 154.

January 1, 2010.

Mmm, startin' his New Year off with a fudgesicle :).

Day 153.

December 31, 2009.

Here's my drink for New Year's- Sparkling red grape juice ^_^

Day 152.

December 30, 2009.

Love him!

Day 151.

December 29, 2009.

Day 150.

December 28, 2009.

Awww <3

Day 149.

December 27, 2009.

Our second child :)

Day 148.

December 26, 2009.

Taken with my new Canon P&S! I love ittt.

Day 147.

December 25, 2009.

Merry Christmas!

For our Christmas dinner, we went over to Aunt Sue's and I made a gingerbread pumpkin trifle dessert. Here is the pre-baked gingerbread mix. Molasses = the nastiest smell on Earth!

But my baked gingerbread smelled good and it was very yummy. The ONLY yummy part of my trifle - LOL!

-Mrs. Nichelson ♥

Day 146.

December 24, 2009.

Day 145.

December 23, 2009.

Day 144.

December 22, 2009.

Day 143.

December 21, 2009.

Day 142.

December 20, 2009.

Day 141.

December 19, 2009.

Our first snow of the winter!

Day 140.

December 18, 2009.

Mmm, chocolate covered pretzel...

Day 139. | South Eastern Ohio Newborn Portrait Photographer

December 17, 2009.

At 13 days old, baby Gabriel (my best friend's little boy) is my first newborn to officially shoot ever since I started building my portfolio for business.

He did a great job!

Not only does Dallas love his new Tonka truck, but mommy does too ;o)

He is so precious.