Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day 005.

*Sorry, I'm a day late.*

I spent all day yesterday and the day before organizing through EVERYTHING I had in a pile in our basement for a yard sale "someday." Well, that yard sale is today! I had 2 days to get EVERYTHING ready. (I'll take a photo once it's all up.)

So, I didn't have time to take my camera out.

But, last night my little brother was helping me sort through and price the rest of the baby girl clothes that I have. (For those of you who don't know, Dallas was meant to be an "Aarika." Up until the day he was born! We had purple and pink EVERYTHING. Including painted walls.)

He came across this sweater and I threw it in with the rest of the sweaters:

The other sweaters are maybe $.50 each and he was ranting and raving about how much I would get out of this sweater, that I would atleast get a buck out of it. Going on and on and on. So, I tagged it for a buck to see if anyone loves it as much as he does ;).

I think it's an adorable sweater! Going through all of my girl stuff made me a little upset. I mean, I would not trade the moment Dallas was born for ANYTHING. It was the best feeling/surprise/moment of my entire life! But, we were so excited about a little girl and well, they have cuter clothes! ;). Hehe.

Have a good day. Hopefully I have a good yard sale! :D

-Michelle ♥


Cheryle said...

oh wow, that must have been a shock when "she" turned out to be a "he"!! You should save that super cute sweater as a symbol of how he surprised you. lol it would be a great thing to haul out as his wedding and tell the story of how Aarika became Dallas! :D

Mommy Blogger said...

LOL!!! Wow what a shock that would be. I too think the sweater is adorable, and I think you could get a dollar for it!!! I love it, but I agree w/ Cheryle, you should keep it as a keep sake. I am having a yard sale Saturday too! Ugh, and we have a whole garage full of stuff to price... I don't wanna! :'(

Mommy Mic said...

I've kept a few things already. I have the "It's a girl!" card with "Aarika Lynn" on it that they had ready when HE came out :D