Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Day 004.

I'm going to share two photos with you today.
First, my orange male cat, Twinky, always lays on our cable box. Well, our new fur baby, Pumpkin (also an orange male), decided to join him.

Lunch time with Dallas. He was amused by his Uncle Sterling and I just snapped away.

I think he shows those teefers off on purpose ;).
-Michelle ♥


The Harrisons said...

your cats are beautiful! i am so jealous!

my365blogspot said...

Omgosh, how cute of the kitties.

Look @ those gorgeous blue eyes.

lsdinsmore said...

I didn't even see the second cat at first! So cute.

Loving the toofies.

Cheryle said...

Beautiful pictures! I love orange cats (it's funny how they're always male and multi-colored cats are always female!)lol

and the picture of Dallas is adorable!! I love the eyes and the teeth! Cuteness!!!