Friday, July 31, 2009

This past week | South Eastern Ohio Family and Portrait Photographer

I had a few photo shoots this past week. I had a family shoot on Sunday with the Bettinger family and another shoot on Tuesday with one of my best models, Courtney Bevere and my little sister, Britney Langley. I also had a couples shoot on Wednesday but we got rained out so we are rescheduling. I'm going to share a few of my favorites with you.

The Bettinger Family:

There is something about a father and his child that just melts my heart.

Baby toes :).

My favorite of my sister, Britney. There's just something about this photo that I love.
My most favorite photo. Courtney is so fun to work with and she's a beautiful model!

And a few artsy shots. I loved her shoes that she chose to wear!

(See all of the shots taken by me on my website:

*Tomorrow is the first day of the 365 project!*
I'm super excited.
Keep looking back every day for something new!

-Michelle ♥


Mommy Blogger said...

LOVE all of those photos!!! Great job mama!! How did you do more than 5 photos on your blog? Tell me your secret :D

Cheryle said...

Beautiful pictures. I really like the shoe ones too!! :D

The Harrisons said...

great job michelle :) your photos are fantastic and i love the shoes ones.