Monday, December 20, 2010

Day One - 365 Project

Hello! It's about time I get the show on the road. Today, December 20, 2010 is Day One of my 365 Project for 2011. In one year, you will know why I had the sudden urge to start today of all days. But, you've got to start somewhere, right? And why not start off with photos of my two favorite little boys who fill my days with joy and dedication and are two of the most gorgeous little fellas you'll ever lay your eyes on.

Introducing, Dallas Lee. He is my oldest at the young age of two. He likes bananas, peanut butter, milk, fruit snacks and Pringles. His favorite cartoon is "Boos Coos" (Blues Clues), and his favorite movies are the "Toi Stowie" (Toy Story) Series. His best friend whom he sleeps with every day and every night is "Woe-dy" (Woody). He loves choos choos and any type of sport that includes a ball. He is a big brother and loves being one. He will scream at you until he gets your attention. He is full of imagination and fun... He's a blue eyed blondie and absolutely gorgeous. See for yourself. I'm not lyin'...

See, told ya =)

Now, introducing, Dallas' little brother, Troy Lee. He is the happiest four month old you'll ever meet. He loves his formula and he doesn't hesitate to let you know when he wants it. He enjoys watching Nick Jr. and really loves watching his big brother do just about anything. His favorite toy is a crinkle book and he loves to drool. He's a mommy's boy, for now but is mostly content in daddy's lap. He's a cute little stinker and there's no doubt that this blue eyed (just about) baldy will steal your heart with just one smile.

Told ya, again. I'm no liar!

Just one more photo to melt your heart before I go...

Just incase you didn't realize with just one post, I am one of the luckiest mommies in the world to get to spend my days with these two little fellas. Now, it's time for me to be a mommy and feed my little Nugget dinner, he's ready for bed (which did I mention, he doesn't really like to sleep?)

Until tomorrow, all!
Goodnight <3.


Sarah said...

beautiful! so this 365 project..are you posting a new picture everyday of the year or something?

Photography by Mic said...

Yes, it's one photo, every day for one year. I tried this back in 09 and got to like Day 200 and something but then stopped for some reason. So, I'm trying again! =)