Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 117.

November 25, 2009.

Ever since Kevin and I found out we were pregnant with Dallas back in March of '08, and we told our parents over the phone, I have felt terrible about it. We were too scared to tell them in person and we promised eachother we would tell them in person from now on. (It's a tad bit easier any way, since we do already have one.) So, with that said, we were in Missouri and I always would want to take a pregnancy test (unless of course we were for sure we couldn't be pregnant) just incase if we were, we could tell his family in person. Without Kevin knowing, I bought a cheapo at the Dollar General next to the hotel we were staying at. It was $4 and I really thought it would turn out negative, no doubt in my mind. We get to the hotel room and I show it to Kevin and he calls me a dork and I go and take it... Wait a minute and look at it and I start to see a FAINT plus sign... I FREAKED! I told Kevin, come look at this, I think my eyes are messed up. Well, he comes over and pretends it's not even there so then I know my eyes aren't fooling me. Then, it gets bolder and WOOOW... Was that a SHOCK.

So, what does Kevin do once we realize... This is a positive pregnancy test. He CALLS his mom, while she's at Walmart (where she was when he told her we were pregnant the first time!) and asks her to buy another pregnancy test and not to get a cheapo (even though they work just the same, obviously... We'll let him think what he wants *wink*) because I just took one and it came back that I was pregnant.
HE TOLD HER OVER THE PHONE! That is what I DID NOT want to happen.
Well, she and grandma get to the hotel room... I take it and it's a digital and it comes back "pregnant" within' a minute (it felt like any way.)
I'm due August 7th, according to Baby Gaga. I go to the doctor January 11th and I am so anxious. It doesn't feel real at this moment in time but once we hear the heart beat, it'll make things more clear. We were in major shock but we couldn't be more happy or blessed.
-Mrs. Nichelson ♥

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