Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day 090.

Thursday, October 29, 2009.

Happy Birthday to my Piglet!

Did you cry when your baby turned one? I was a little emotional and I will admit I shed a few tears... My little piglet is growing up so fast. Time sure does fly when you're having fun and this has been the funnest year of my life <3.

Dear Piglet,

You are one years old, now. Being able to watch you grow has been the best experience of my life. You are so smart, so fun, so handsome... The most beautiful human being in this world. Everyone loves your big blue eyes but I absolutely love your smile, all of your facial expressions. You're adorable and I am so proud of you. You're the coolest person I know. The funniest too. No matter what kind of mood I'm in, if I look at you and you smile and say "mama"- it's the best feeling in the world and I can't help but smile. Your laugh is the most beautiful sound in the world, your cry can be just as beautiful. I am absolutely in love with you.

I love the way you walk, you hold your arms up and barely bend your knees and your booty usually sticks out. Even though you hold your feet up in the air for me, you never keep your socks on and pull them off within' minutes of putting them on unless you're wearing your shoes, even though they're velcrow, you keep them on. You call every animal a "kiddy" and you call me "mama"- it's also so sweet when I ask you where your dada is and you look right at him. You love bananas which is ironic because your dada decided to make you a monkey for your birthday party before you ever tried a real banana. Last week, I woke up to you screaming "mama" and pointing at me, naked... With poo in your bed and I just laughed, not knowing that that was the day you'd learn how to take your diaper off. You played peek-a-boo behind my halloween costume's colar- you've even played peek-a-boo with yourself in the mirror. You sit and eat breakfast with me every morning. You love Sport's Center and Nick Jr. You dance to anything and everything by shaking your head back and forth, sometimes you'll raise your arm in the air and you always shake your butt. The first time you ever danced like that was when Mary J. Blige's Sprint commercial came on. You love balloons and any of your toys that talk to you. You don't say Tiny yet but you know who he is, you always share your cookies and snacks with him. When we first got him, he would lay next to you with his head on your blanket. You love being nakie and always run from me when I take your diaper off. Bath time is one of your favorite times of the day, I think sometimes you don't eat your dinner just so you can get in the water sooner. You no longer drink formula... And you sleep all through the night, with your butt in the air. You kissed me on the lips last week and you only do it now when you feel like it but it's the sweetest thing that you do. You're a mama's boy... For now. But, I'm loving it.

I wouldn't trade you for the world and I will always be here for you. I love you with every piece of me and you are my biggest pride and joy. I am so blessed that God has given me you. I remember when you were born, you shocked the world with your presence after being called a girl for nine months. You surely shocked mommy and daddy and everyone else but we love you. Always will. Forever and ever.

This past year passed so fast so I can only imagine how long it'll take until you're grown up but I hope you will always remember and know that I love you. No matter what!


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