Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Day 086. | South Eastern Ohio Family Photographer

Sunday, October 25, 2009.

I had a photo shoot this afternoon with a super cute pair. Mommy Karen, daughter Natalie and I had a great time. They're super cute and totally adorable! See for yourself...

View more photos from this session on my Facebook Fan page.

My husband and I also carved our pumpkins! It was my first time and let me just say, my hands didn't like me too much the next day but I got an adorable pumpkin and some seeds out of it all! Totally worth it if you ask me.

And here they are lit up!

-Mrs. Nichelson ♥


Cheryle said...

GREAT pictures! I am so sad that I can't get on your fan page to see more. I've written FB twice about the situation and other than confirming that they got my mails, nothing! :(

Your pumpkins turned out fantastic!

Danielle said...

Those pumpkins are fan-freaking-tastic! Did you use a template?

And the little girl is too cute, i so want a little girlie to dress up.

Mommy Mic said...

We did not use templates. Just off the top of our heads :)