Monday, October 5, 2009

Day 066.

I'm posting more than one photo for today. These are a few "macro" shots that I got. I know the first is a little blurry but I still like it.

See the tiny little bug?

While I was taking these, my little piglet was playing with his beach ball from our wedding. He kept biting it!

This was taken right before I came in here. Dallas usually is in bed by 8pm. He was in bed by 7pm tonight because he had skipped his afternoon nap. Well, it's 10:30pm and he starts screaming! We go in there to comfort him and he wouldn't lay back down so I brought him to his daddy and they watched football together. Too cute so I had to grab my camera. I was a little jealous, mommy never gets to cuddle because he's always so playful during the day! But, I love them together.

-Mrs. Nichelson ♥

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Cheryle said...

great pictures! I love macros! (by coincidence, I also did macros of flowers today! lol)