Thursday, September 3, 2009

Day 022.

Saturday, August 22, 2009.

My MOH hosted my Bridal Shower and she decorated these foam stars and had everyone that attended write advice to me on each of them.

My mommy wrote what you can read in the photo.
My MOH wrote:
Always try to see things through eachothers eyes.
My bridesmaids wrote:
You'll be the best. No advice necessary. I love you. ♥ Your favorite friend.
Don't take any shit. LOL! Love, Kay.
Say "I love you" every day. Kellie.

My other guests wrote:
Michelle, my photographer. God Bless! Good luck w/ everything. Keep God the center of your marriage! Courtney, your model.
Always remember that your family is #1. Love you, Marty.
Always keep in touch with your friends. Never forget how great you are. Hannah.
Never worry. You'll always be loved. Giggy.
Don't get mad, get even! Love ya, Aunt Sue.
Threw thick & thin!! Keep your head up at all times! *Tiff =)
Always communicate. Grandma Mary.
Never go to bed mad! Aunt Bonnie.
And this is from my mother-in-law. It's when the tears started dropping. It was so sweet.
My family that lives so far away. I'll hold you in my heart so close that not even God Himself could keep us apart. You are so blessed. Love, Mommy MAC! =)
Dallas left me a foot print and a hand print ;).

It was a great shower and so much fun!

-Michelle ♥

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