Sunday, August 2, 2009

Day 002.

Dallas slept until nine this morning (shocker!) and while he slept in, I cleaned the livingroom, came into the office and checked my stuff, laid back down for a minute and showered. Before I left the office, I grabbed my camera or else I would have forgotten all about taking a photo until later. I was glad that I grabbed it when I did because after Dallas was changed, he and Tiny (our Bernese Mountain Dog) were playing together. Dallas LOVES Tiny - his name is ironic on purpose ;). This was a snapshot and I was very proud that I actually got them both in the picture. Look how much smaller Dallas is than Tiny. He is 5 days younger than Dallas!

Kevin and I had my niece and nephew today, also. He decided to take a few shots while we were outside playing with bubbles. This is his favorite that he captured of Dallas:

My niece and nephew were blowing bubbles and so Dallas was waiting for more to come his way. He was loving it!

Kevin was never really into taking photos until he got with me, of course. All I had was my P&S and then I ordered my Canon a few months after he moved to Ohio with me. He became interested in experiencing with it. He's actually really good!

I'll try getting him to take one photo every day as well to go along with us. This would be very fun to do together to see our different views of our little boy.

I have a photo shoot tomorrow with a little girl named Kristalyn. She is going to pose with Dallas as a "baby couple." And, I'll probably snap a few shots of her and her wonderful mother, Kendra. Also, another shoot with a girl named Courtney Endly. You'll love her. So, I'm sure I'll share some once they're all ready to be published.

-Michelle ♥


Holly Cox said...

I love these! Can't wait to see what you get from your shoots tomorrow!

Mommy Blogger said...

Your dog and little boy are adorable!!! Your hubby is quiet the photographer as well! Love both pictures!

Courtney's 365 said...

i love the picture of dallas. way too cute :)

Cheryle said...

Both pictures are ADORABLE. :D

my365blogspot said...

Both are adorable...both pictures, your son AND Tiny.